Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do you really want this application?

In the IT or computer world it's all about the applications. From Facebook on a social networking level to ERP and CRM on a business level, it's all about what applications might you want, need or be turned on by. What can we sell you? Software. It's all about software.

I stumbled upon a very scary piece of software call MyLoki. This application downloads into your browser toolbar or adds as an application on facebook and when you log on with your laptop to a WiFi spot wherever you are, it triangulates your exact location, logs and posts it. This posting can be in the form of a personal web page, a facebook map, a map on your blog, and twitter integration is coming soon. You and I both know that with this type of location information you can be tracked anywhere....Do you really want everyone, including your boss, government and everyone in your life to know exactly where you are? I didn't think so. Sounds a little like big brother doesn't it. We are definitely moving in that direction. Now to MyLoki's defense they allow you to turn on/off how exact the location reported is, from exact 100 meters, zip code, city, state, etc. But since that exact information is stored and calculated then you know it's available to whomever deems it necessary.

With the proliferation of social networking sites, video, cell phone, SMS blogging and the like; people (especially teens and 20 somethings) are putting all kinds of personal information up on the Internet for all to see. Employers are now looking at people's myspace and facebook pages as a matter of course for checking your "references". What information are you putting out there?

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