Thursday, January 03, 2008

Various Notes

I was looking at the top 25 downloaded songs on yesterday as I thought it'd be nice to have some recent music on my Ipod. You know, so I don't look too old....I saw this Ellen show the other day and she had some people dancing around to Soldier Boy. Well, I looked and looked on itunes and couldn't find it. It seems that it's really called SoulJa Boy. I feel old now!

I got a very stupid ticket by an LAPD officer back in September or so. I am able to go to traffic school and it's due on the 9th of January. Being proactive, I'm just doing it now. I went to an approved online traffic school by the County of Los Angeles and it was very easy. It did not take 8 hours like it would if I went and sat in a classroom. I've done online traffic school 3 times now over the past years and I love it. I would consider myself an expert at it frankly. I've never taken over 3 hours to complete an online course. You can even, if you're really a procrastinator, have it overnighted to the court (for a fee of course). One key to taking these courses is to copy and paste all the documentation into a word document. You can then use this for searching when they do the chapter review and final exams. Better than memorizing....

Some of you may have noticed that I've slightly updated my blog template. I've added a new option called polling. Please participate by clicking your "right" answer. For example, the current poll is regarding toilet paper usage. This is easily determined, just as you normally would, pull the TP roll but before you wipe, count your squares. Simple. Take a few runs at it to get an average and let us know! And remember, this is not for # 2!

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