Sunday, January 13, 2008

Changing of the Guard

As the memorial service for my grandmother ended and people filed out of the church we were greeted with a beautiful, almost irreverent sunset. The sun was causing a pillar of red light to shoot into the orange sky and the purple clouds. Gramma loved her sunsets. She used to teach me, "red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky in morning, sailor's take warning." It was as if she was acknowledging all that loved her with something she loved best. The service was important for all her grandchildren and great grandchildren to celebrate her life, remember her and give themselves some closure. Her children had their closure with a personal service by a minister at the hospital. Grandma's legacy lives on......

As the day after my Grandma's service dawns in a snowy, chilly, beautiful day; thoughts of change and the future fill my mind. Almost all of my friends have now lost all of their grandparents. My generation has stopped being the grandchildren and moved on to the distinction of becoming the children. I'm not sure that's a distinction I like. I liked being a grandchild. There was less responsibility somehow. We were the young ones. Now the torch is passing, the great grand children becoming the grand children and the grand children becoming the children. With this torch comes responsibility and unfortunately, age. We have an obligation to keep the family together, look after our parents and protect the memories of the past. Today, it's a heavy weight. Perhaps I'll become stronger as I become used to it.

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::nodding:: Very profound.