Thursday, October 14, 2004


I met a metro-sexual in Salt Lake City. He's a german fellow living in Manhattan and I was working with him in SLC. Talk about 2 people out of place in the world. Well, he says he's a metro-sexual - what exactly is that? It's loosely defined as a trendy, straight man who enjoys pampering himself with things such as manicures, facials and massages. A man with a keen sense of grooming and fashion. Confidence is key but how difficult is it to find a real rugged man on the street willing to admit he's "metrosexual?" For example, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and David Beckham (soccer) can be said to be metrosexual.

Remodel update:

The tile guy didn't start today, his girlfriend is sick. Boy if I had a dime for everytime I used that excuse.... Do people really get away with this shit? Apparently so. He'll maybe start tomorrow, if we're lucky. The drywallers were back, they were given shit for leaving such a bloody mess all over the house and not sanding their seams, etc enough. Today they were very diligent, moving, cleaning and sanding. Not in that order..... Maybe I'll have something to take pictures of next week. We can only hope.

Personally, I am really starting to get sick of this whole remodel business. I'm tired of having people in my house constantly, men in particular. I'm tired of running my life and schedule around everyone else's schedule. I'm tired of bitching at workers for messes, sloppy work, forgetting to do stuff, etc. I never thought I'd be a perfectionist when it comes to monitoring their work (i'm sure those that know me are laughing their asses off) but I am. Perhaps my standards are just higher than most people's? Ever think of that???

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