Friday, October 08, 2004

Life in Los Angeles today....

The last two days have been hectic, as usual. Our lives never slow and if they did, I wouldn't know how to behave. Yesterday we "walked" the exterior of the house with Brian the perfectionist house painter. Now this is a man after my own heart. He spent 2 hours examining our structures and pointed out the tons of things that need to be restored (you see you restore things on a 1924 house, to repair things on a 1970's house...). Anyways, what does that mean? Money, baby, money! Lots of $$$$$$ Dena & I suspect it'll be 10k. I'll take votes..... Click the comments note below.

Today the drywallers are here finishing all the cracks and things they forgot last week. Lovely drywall dust permeates every nook of the house. Sears is here today looking @ the washer/dryer. It was the first appliance Dena & I purchased together 13 years ago. I remember she freaked because it was a committment both to our relationship and to, well, the appliance. hehe Like everything around here, it needs some TLC.

The tile guy (Eric) will not be here til Tuesday, so don't expect any pix until after that. This weekend is a biggie for us, the Los Angeles Dodgers are in the Division Playoffs and we get to go to one and if we're really lucky, 2 games.

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