Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Construction Update

Gene and his guys were here. They've finally cleaned under the house, levelled the dirt so that termites cannot infest the beams. As you probably know, it is a requiment that dirt never directly contacts wood, as this is how termites travel and infest our house. The heating contractor was over. Gene called in a professional. He installed new ducting for the bathroomfrom the furnace to the bathroom vent. He was a very nice guy and also adjusted all the vents with Gene and I so that the bathroom doesn't get sauna like and the front of the house gets equal heat. This was not done properly before so that is why some rooms had a disparate amount of heat and others little or none. I was excited and felt good about this work and actually having something done. It was also nice not be be freezing in the house, while knowing full well that you are heating the entire crawl space.

Eric the tile man didn't show up. Probably scared of a little rain. Gene says he's going to apply a cattle prod to him.

And the depressing news of the day.....The Mission Tile is expected to be ready November 29th and ship by truck from Oregon on December 3rd. Christmas is looking like a good project completion timeframe.

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