Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kitchen Remodel - Delays and More Delays....

No project is immune from delays. The current delay is that the floor has been re-sanded and the second and third coats of varnish put on but it will take 48 hours to cure. This was unexpected as we were originally told that it would be available after 24 hours. This has the effect of pushing all the trades out. Granite repair had to be moved from today until next Thursday, tile will hopefully begin today, appliances are still being delivered Friday but the stove was pushed out until Friday the 9th.

Oh well, I suppose after 9 weeks of no sink and living in a state of chaos, what's one more week? I vacillate from complete frustration (which normally occurs when I have to kneel in front of the bathtub and wash dishes) to just surrendering to it all. Dena and I both wander the house each day looking for something that we've moved and can no longer find. Nothing is where it was or where it should be. At various times throughout these 9 weeks we've even had to change doors we come in and out of.

Humans are creatures of habit and I find great comfort in my habits. Think about it. How lost would you be if you had to put your keys, cell phone, garage door opener, etc in a completely different spot every other day. You wouldn't be able to find anything. It puts a small but constant level of stress on your mind. We rely on these small but very consistent habits so that we can function at our higher human level. Please......give me my consistency back!!!!


Irma said...

Kitchen is really taking shape!! Looks beautiful and better on every new blog! Assure you life will return to normal -- someday!! Then you'll be sooo happy inn your new kitchen you'll forget all the bad stuff.

Anonymous said...

Try having kids that just move your shit around when they decide to play with your keys, phone, wedding ring or they attack you when you first walk through the door so that you are not able to put anything away where it belongs...lovely, lovely chaos :) Your kitchen will be amazing when it is finished and just like children, will be well worth it.