Monday, October 26, 2009

Kitchen Remodel - And We Wait

The kitchen remodel has come to a screeching halt. It seems that someone used our stool to reach high places and put half moon type divots all over our brand new oak floor. It will all have to be resanded and refinished. The careless idiot is not fessing up to it. Everyone says it was everyone else's fault. I supposed it is immaterial although it would be nice to have one neck to choke. Since resanding is required, moving in is out of the question. That fine wood dust will be everywhere so there is not much point.

We are also waiting on Tino the cabinet guy to finish. Over 50% of the doors are unbalanced or have some issue with them, the other 50% the self closing mechanism is too tight or too loose or too something. Then there are a few doors he forgot or were the wrong size.

We are also waiting on Sears to deliver our replacement fridge. We purchased a top of the line Kenmore Elite french door, bottom freezer fridge. Nice unit. too bad it has so many issue that I had to demand a whole new fridge. It sits in our kitchen making ice in places where ice should not be. We have to wait for November 7th for that. I'm sure they'll scratch the floor all up.

It's so frustrating as we are almost done. Absolutely nothing happened all last week. The kitchen beckoned to us, calling.... cook with me, saute with me.....but alas, we could not.

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