Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Assholes and Range Rovers

I've long held the belief that if you're driving a range rover, you're probably an asshole. It's about a 90% certainty. Call it a personal stereotype if you will but it is so true. Think of the type of person that could afford to buy one of these vehicles. The cheapest Range Rover is $80,000. So to buy or lease one you have to be upper middle class bordering on leaping over that glass wall to rich. If they had already leaped over the wall, they wouldn't be driving a range rover, they'd be driving Porsche Cayenne. After all, the British Made Range Rover since its resurgence 5 - 7 years ago as a status vehicle does not have a great service record. It is notoriously finicky, not being able to put up with any climate change, dirt, dust or hard driving. It certainly is a distant relative to it's inspiration, the original Range Rover that conquered Africa from a tourist perspective.

Male drivers of Range Rovers are the worst assholes of the species. That deep feeling of entitlement and right of way. I am everything to everyone, the world revolves around me, get out of my way - sound familiar? Just this morning myself and 3 other drivers were cut off by an entitled black Range Rover whose life was obviously more important than ours.

Take your own poll. For the next month, watch all the range rover drivers. How many times do you see a range rover and not say, "asshole". Seriously, try it.


Anonymous said...

I agree so much. Especially the Range Rover Sport - supreme assholery.

Anonymous said...

I found this page/blog by doing a Google search on "Why are Landrover Drivers are such Assholes!"

Rather than going into my experiences with these types of people, I'd like to offer an explaination for this phenomenon which we all know to be true. I believe it's because LandRover (LR for short) targets it's advertising towards those people who have a lot of money but little intelligence. Mainly the vehicle is a contradiction in terms. Their ads seem to appeal to those who like the outdoors or adventure but true outdoorsmen are very respectful of nature. They park in parking spaces and backpack all their stuff in & out of the wilderness, being careful to leave minimal environmental impact. LR drivers have a fantasy of powering thru streams and virgin meadows in big SUV's which would pretty much destroy them after the passage of a few vehicles. A note, these comments do not pertain to those who have pre-1980 era LR's which may have been purchased for actual off-roading.

To compare, BWM drivers may actually have some logical reason for driving those cars as they offer a decent car for a decent amount of money. Hummer drivers, even the old H-1 drivers, tend to be pretty respectful drivers. I had 2 Volvos, neither of which I thought were the best designed cars, but they have a reputation for safety and I was concerned about accidents: particularly as I was transporting my 2 yo son to preschool on major highways. Some VW drivers can act pretty agressive but VW offers a decent car like BMW, but are cheaper and hence targeted towards a young crowd.

Even people who drive big pickup trucks for sport, occasionally do so to show off and simply like large vehicles. Most can be decent drivers and they always stop to help if you run out of gas. My brother-in-law likes off-roading and has a large pickup for example.

However LR's get their vehicles because it appeals to some warped sense of armchair adventurism when they never plan to actually go off-roading. Thus it self selects for those people who like to portray themselves as different than they actually are. This apparently has a high positive correlation for Assholerey.