Monday, June 01, 2009

Thoughts on the Meaning of Life

I often ponder what the meaning of life is. I wonder why we're all here, what we're supposed to accomplish or experience and probably more importantly, what is my place in all of it. I think this question has come up more often lately because of an AMC television series called Breaking Bad. It's an absolutely brutal show about an older chemistry teacher that turns to making drugs to support his family as he is dying from cancer. The show explores the incredibly difficult choices that our "hero" has to make, some inherent to morals, family, some to right and wrong and how one lie begets another and another and another.

One particular episode has sat with me for quite some time. It was when our co-star turns to heroine. And yes, I realize its just a television show and not reality, but when the character shot heroine into his arm he seemed so at peace. If someone who does heroine all day is rich, doesn't hurt anyone but themselves, why is that wrong? What is better a wall street capitalist making $ 100 million a year or a heroine drug user, also wealthy but equally as happy? Is following your bliss what it's all about? Does it matter what your bliss is? I suppose if my bliss were being a serial killer, then that would be wrong but if my bliss was ice fishing and drinking beer until the ice thawed every year who would that hurt? Would that be wrong?

Lots of ideas come into my head about why I'm here, well, why we're all here really. Love, friendship, happiness, "the journey not the destination", "doing unto others as they would do unto us", and the list goes on. None really ring true to me though. Is it the experience? Is it just us, a being meant to learn lessons before ascending heaven? Or are we these beings floating around in the fifth dimension meant to exist through different experiences expanding the collective consciousness of all? I met a guy that believed that recently. He was brilliant. He meditated himself into that collective consciousness when doing research and the answers would just come to him.

Sorry, this blog offers no answers, only questions. Answers are welcomed in the form of a comment, feel free.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your remarks about things that don't harm others not being demonized. Perhaps if they weren't illegal, they could be taken away from organized crime and taxed with the revenues paying for health care! I don't like legislation meant to protect us from ourselves.