Monday, June 08, 2009

Credit Screening

Just thought I'd post a couple websites up here that have come to my attention. The first is how to freeze your credit, what it costs and this link only applies to California residences. This link is a government website.

Freezing your credit does not allow any company to run a credit check on you unless you "open" your credit via a PIN. This obviously would stop any identity theft as no business will allow a new account to be opened without a credit check.

The second link is how to opt out of receiving those irritating and potentially dangerous pre-approved credit offers.

These links have been checked and to the best of my knowledge are not false. It is important when surfing the Internet you pay very close attention to whether the site you are visiting is real or an impostor. The Federal Trade Commission has an interesting page on this here. If you have a moment, check it out as it has valuable tips. By the way, for my cousins who are starting to twitter, be very careful of new phishing scams on twitter. I'll post a blog tomorrow on this.

The FTC also has a page detailing the ONLY website authorized to offer you a free credit report. The rest are impostors either trying to get money out of you for doing the same thing that the FTC authorized one does or are trying to capture your personal information to steal your identity.

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