Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Another 7-11 Event

This morning I popped by the 7-11 on San Vicente and Hauser near the house. My Burmese friend was there, as he normally is. He works until 8am. I suppose it's a little sad that I know the 7-11 guys schedules. I've blogged about my 7-11 buddies before, check out my previous blogposts.

He greets me as usual with "Hello my Canadian friend." This all started a couple years ago when he started hitting on me. His advances were subtle but basically he was fishing for immigration status, at least that is what I thought. Marrying an American white girl would solve that for him. So I told him I was Canadian in the hopes that he would back off somewhat and he did. He's still jovial and friendly but had stopped asking about my personal life.

This morning that all changed. He said that he "liked my style". I was of course, dressed for work. I dress in my own style, which is conservative with sharp, crisp lines. Perhaps it was my mother that ruined me for crisp lines, ironing my jeans and t-shirts but it is my style now...... After I chose my purchase and walked up to the counter, he asked me if there was a man in my life. I said no man, woman. There was a small, almost imperceptible pause and then a surprise question, "are you the she-bot or the man-bot?" Perhaps he didn't say bot, sometimes he's hard to understand, but regardless the words the implication was obvious. He wanted to know which of us "wore the pants in the family" so to speak. I politely informed him that it really doesn't work that way and strode out into the morning fog with a smile on my face.

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