Saturday, May 09, 2009

Well It Worked

I planted all kinds of fruits and veggies in my little garden in the back when my Mom was here in early April. All are doing well except the green lettuce. Matter of fact, last night we had an entire salad made up of the "mesculin mix" that had already matured enough to eat. The green lettuce I planted didn't even come up. I was trying that from seed.

So searching the internet I read that soaking seeds for 24 hours in warm water then planting will help. Also scoring them with a knife or sandpaper will also speed the process when used with warm water. Well, if you've ever seen a lettuce seed you'll know that neither of those is possible as they are soooo small. I also read that if you soak for 24 hours and then can't plant right away, you can put the seeds in a ziplock baggie in your window in the sun with a moist paper towel and let them grow roots.

I did this and this morning they are well rooted and I'm going to plant them. It took 4 days. Pretty good I think. Now if I could just figure out what is making tracks in my little lettuce plot I'd be happy. It's not birds because I see 4 little footie prints. Squirrel? It's almost like it jumps or falls from above because there are no tracks anywhere else.

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