Thursday, May 07, 2009

Star Trek and What Demographic?

I heard a news brief the other day commenting about how the new 2009 Star Trek Movie , slated to release this weekend is focused on the teen and twenty something demographic. They didn't want to spend money luring the original series fans for some reason. Are we too old? Do they assume we'll go anyways? Hey, we have disposable income, dammit! We give that disposable income to those teens! I demand that we be paid some sort of homage! We are the reason that Star Trek is still viable in all of it's formats and re-incarnations, perhaps with the exception of Voyager.

So this director, Abrams, who is supposedly the hottest thing in Hollywood is making this movie appeal to the all important 18 - 30 year old male demographic. Who made them so important? Why are they important? Do they have more money than the rest of us? Are they more nerdy than the rest of us? Perhaps they have nothing better to do than go see Star Trek 12 times. I guess the bottom line is that I don't appreciate being the older, completely unimportant demographic that is not catered to in the least. I like to be catered to....

Regardless of the momentous special affects that I'm sure will be prevalent in the movie, I am looking forward to it. There were 10 Star Trek movies in their day. I think the Next Gen movies were the best. And thank goodness that Captain Kirk was killed in the last one because I could do without seeing him again. Don't get me wrong, I love Captain Kirk, it's William Shatner I've had enough of. Ah, the trouble with tribbles just popped into my head.

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