Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Gasoline Can't Reach 4 Dollars a Gallon

The look of shock on President George W. Bush's face when recently asked the question of when he thought gasoline prices would hit $ 4 a gallon was priceless. Since he hasn't bought gas for eight years how would he even know what the price of gas was? And how would he be able to comprehend how every nickel that gas rises affects peoples' ability to afford other staples, like food and rent. Even if he wasn't the dumbest president in history, politicians in general just cannot understand how diesel being $ 4.49 a gallon ripples across every aspect of regular people's lives. One of my recent favorite Bush moments is his shock on video at $ 4 a gallon, check out the video clip here.

These are pictures I took of just 3 gas stations during my drive around town the other day. What isn't in the picture is even worse, the price of diesel. The average price of diesel I see around town this week is about $ 4.49. Wow. That's a lot of money. When shopping for my new company car the salespeople I had the displeasure of speaking to said that they have people coming in with suburbans, Durangos, Range Rovers, etc and trading them in for Prius's, Corollas, etc. The cycle continues....where will it go next?

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