Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Day on New Job

Well, I know it's Wednesday night but it's been a whirlwind couple days and I wanted to write about my new job. It's actually been quite exciting and a lot of fun but brain draining. It's basically like sticking a fire hose in my mouth and turning the water on full blast and trying to not dribble a drop. Impossible. Just a lot of information to take in but I'm getting there.

Most importantly the people seem quite nice and I look good in my new Brooks Brother "never iron" shirts. If you don't have these and need a couple nice shirts but don't want to pay for dry cleaning your wrinkled cheapie Gap shirts, then these are for you. They are nicely tailored and well made. I even received a couple compliments from some of the gals in the office on my pink one today. Yes people, I bought a pink solid shirt. My mother would be proud. On the way to the shopping mall I happened to be talking to her and she said, "don't buy all dark colors dear." Imagine that, pink looks damn good with black pants!

Oh, and guess what! It's all the sodas/water/beverages you can drink, for free, stocked fridge with yogurt and other things, fresh fruit delivery every week and lots of snacks too. I'm in heaven. I need to munch on something every couple hours to keep the brain power going so this is going to work out nicely. It's the little things! Well, gee, I guess there was more to tell than I thought, so I'll have to write more tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you shouldn't be writing when you are so tired. Some of your sentences don't make much sense! Love you anyways...he! he! he!