Monday, July 23, 2007

My Favorite Gas Station - Part 3

Well, I guess I had to go to 3 parts on this topic. In researching for the previous 2 posts I explored (the stations web site) quite extensively. I eventually made it to the personal section. I took the eco personal path test. I was a little startled to learn that I am only marginally above the average person in eco-friendly recycling. I guess I thought that I was doing my part. I learned I can do more. I've now moved 3 cloth bags, I get tons of these at trade shows and what not, so I have about 30 of them, anyways, I've moved them to the car so that when I shop I bring them into the store and use them and not plastic. That's certainly something....

I was surprised to learn that the plastic grocery store bags (from the Ellen show the other day) don't really decompose in landfills, that they just get smaller and smaller. The plastic kind of shrinks. And eventually an animal or bird will eat it or it gets into our water supply. It was a bummer to hear that. Also, we use like a million of these bags every minute. Just crazy.

Now I just have to convince Dena to change the AC powered lights in the backyard with solar and maybe I'll move up on the personal green curve a little. I don't like to be so close to average.....I prefer WAY above average.

A message to all that read this: Educate your kids, your grandkids, your nieces and nephews, no matter how young. They will change the world and hopefully begin to right the wrongs that us and previous generations have done to mother Earth. We must give them the beginning seeds of knowledge to motivate them and equip them to affect change.

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