Friday, July 27, 2007

KD Lang and Lyle Lovett at the Greek

What an awesome night it was. We attended this concert last night with the expectations that K. D. Lang was our focus and Lyle Lovett an after thought. Were we wrong. KD Lang performed first and her billing on the marquis was almost as a warm up band. She played while the sun was still up (the Greek being an outdoor amplitheatre) and it was a little weird. People were still arriving up until her last couple songs. People in Los Angeles find it challenging to get to any event on time. I don't know if its the Hollywood fashionably late thing or traffic or just poor planning. They do the same at Dodger games, come around the 3rd inning and leave in the 7th. Anyways, I digress....

She sang all her old standbys, her voice and range spectacular as always. She is probably the worst dresser on tour and has become a little chunky. Someone needs to help her dress for concerts. I think you can be unique and eclectic and still look good. She did sing one song from her new upcoming album in February 2008 which I thought was awesome and made me anxious for its release. This album is a collection of her own recently written love songs. I look forward to an original release from her. We haven't had any of her own written songs since 2000's "Invincible Summer." The new 2008 album is currently untitled.

Lyle Lovett was definitely the standout. His billing is Lyle Lovett and his Large Band. Large it is. With 4 backup singers, a trumpet, trombone, sax, mandolin, electric standup bass, cello, regular standup bass, slide guitar, grand piano, conga drums, regular drums, lead guitar, etc etc etc etc etc the band is monstrous. What a lively, fun, touchy performance. They first performed songs from their new album, "It's not big, it's large". Well, it's so new its not released yet. Set for release 8/28/07. I enjoy his music and WOW what a performance! Another standout here was Francine Reed, a gospel? singer from Atlanta. She sang one song on her own and had the crowd on their feet.

KD Lang and Lyle Lovett's styles are different yet similar in their uniqueness. That's deep, eh. They both write, perform and explore whatever music styles suit them at the time and that makes it very fun for all of us. I was surprised they didn't sing together.

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