Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring has Sprung

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Anonymous said...

Hey Girlie! Its KT!! I don't see you often enough so I have to read your blog to keep up!!! Hope the power cords made it to Drew on the set the other day! Sat. delivery last thing on a Friday afternoon... phew! Made me miss my window to miss some traffic to LA and resulted in 2:40 drive to get to Stephen's... eghads!!! LA Traffic!! We need to get together for brunch in your end of the city sometime! BTW - I think Ellen rocked on the Oscars too - but I love her anyways - ever been to a taping of her show?!?!? I'd love to check that out, just to do some dancing! :) Say Hi to Dena and Arlene for me too please (must see those pics from Africa!)
Toodles - Stephen sends his hellos as well! (as does Bailey - the fur-spreading monster!)