Monday, October 30, 2006

Time Warner flogs Comcast and me

I hate big conglomerates. They just screw the little guy, the consumer, me. Time Warner bought Comcast Cable/High Speed Internet as most of you locals are painfully aware. On 10/21/06 they officially changed over from Comcast to TW. This is such a pain in the ass. In a perfect world the only thing that people trying to get in touch with me should notice is that I sent them an email with my new email address. You see, emails from the old address are supposed to be magically forwarded to the new address. Sometimes they are not. Sometimes they are bouncing back. Sometimes they are delayed by 30-40 minutes. This is just unacceptable.

You would think they would have planned this well. Why wouldn't they send me a little app on a CD to go and magically change all the Outlook email account settings? Now I'm smarter than the average bear and I can do it, but not everyone can. I had to hold for 30 minutes on their LIVE INTERNET chat to get the bloody POP3 and SMTP server addresses. Why wouldn't they put that in a mailer or email or something! And to add insult to injury my connection keeps dropping. Totally bullshit! I HATE THEM ALL!!! And do you think they'll give me a credit, no. And even if they did, it'd be like one day. Big deal.

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