Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Walk off home run

Sunday August 13th found us at the Los Angeles Sparks game, eagerly looking at the scoreboard for the LA Dodgers game score. It was tied 0 - 0 in the 10th inning. You see, it was a sold out game at Chavez Ravine with Greg Maddus pitching. We weren't there. What a shame. The games that Maddux has pitched at home, we haven't had tickets to. It would be a thrill to watch him pitch. A legend. In the 10th inning Russel Martin hit what they term a "walk off" home run. At first I thought that this meant that the bases were loaded and Russell Martin was walked home. Hence, a "walk off" run. But no, a "walk off" home run is where a guy hits the home run with no one on base, it's the game winner, and he runs the bases, after he crosses home everyone walks off the field into the club house. There is no need to play anymore as the game is over. Hence the term walk off. So there you have it, a new thing learned.....

For game recap, click here

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