Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back to School Memories

The time rapidly approaches; as an adult, my favorite time of year, the time when the little hoodlums go back to school. I think fondly of September 5th when all these brats will be in school and not wandering the streets of Los Angeles breaking into people's houses while they work. But alas, this time of year brings back other memories. I think back on my childhood "back to school" days. We didn't have a list of items you had to buy for school, like pencils and paper and books, instead they were provided to us by our taxes. Today people buy hundreds of $$ of stuff. I think my first year of Junior High (a terrifying time in my life) I had to buy a combination lock for my very first locker. I think it was $3. I still have that lock and still know it's combination. It was a good buy to be sure.

I remember in grade school with my mom and dad taking me shopping for back to school clothes and I needed a winter coat. Being Canada and all..... So, they decided I needed this long coat that covered my ass and my knees. It was green and "pillowed" I think they called it, I don't know, it was ugly as hell, I hated it and was embarrassed to wear it. I don't think I wore it more than twice then I switched to my light fall jacket and a hoodie. For those of you yanks that don't know what a hoodie is, it's a sweatshirt with a hood.

Remember the days of mimeograph machines? I remember in grade school when you were a big shit when you got to go downstairs and run the machine for the teacher..... I also remember in Junior High when Wranglers were popular and we couldn't afford them for me. :-( How sad. This is another reason Junior High was so tramatic for me.

Back to school is here! Get off my airplane and back in your classrooms!

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