Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A strange day

As I was driving home from the Capri Avian vet surgeon after dropping our lovebird Ginghi off for surgery, I decided that I needed some cheering up. I had my clubs in the car and decided I'd go to the Rancho Park Par 3 for a quick lunch round. Always a stress reliever. I've never really played the Par 3's with my full set of clubs but it was all I had. I thought, surely I can carry them around for 9 little holes.

As I putted on the 3rd hole I heard a scream and a woman running frantically around the 6th green with a bird chasing her. I noticed immediately that it was a pet and not a pigeon or something, so I got off the course and grabbed my golf towel ( only carried on my big set of clubs ) and ran over there. The poor bird was just trying to land on the ladies shoulder. This little cockatiel was sitting on the 6th tee quiet as can be probably waiting for the next set of unsuspecting golfers. I walked slowly over to the bird, cooing and talking softly, put my finger out and she just jumped on. What a sweetie. We walked quickly to the car and she was even letting me pet and preen her pin feathers. We stopped briefly in the clubhouse for a quick drink of water, poor thing was thirsty. Fortunately, Helen's Pet shop (Pico - Westside ) is just a block away and I drove over there.

It seems no one has inquired about a lost bird. So I bought a cage and drove home. Unfortunately, I've named the damn bird already -- Rancho. Fitting I think. I told Dena about the bird and she immediately broke down crying. Dena doesn't believe in co-incidences and she was thinking that this bird was brought into our lives because Ginghi was going to die on the operating table. Fortunately, 4 hours later, we've heard, our lovebird is recovering nicely from surgery and can come home tomorrow. I've got to say, Rancho is the prettiest Cockatiel I've ever seen with long, colorful tail feathers. Amazing......

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