Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The stupid things I do...

So I'm home being a bachlorette this weekend and tonight I'm thinking, hmmm, a Mojito would be nice. I'm gonna be cool and watch Lost by the fire and drink myself silly on Mojitoes. So I get all prepared at 5 PM and get the sugar, fresh mint, shaker, muddler and varietals of rum all ready. But wait, I can't drink yet, it's only 5pm and that would be counter productive.

9:00 rolls around and I'm getting a little tired and ready to wind down. I wander into the kitchen throw a couple lime quarters into my cocktail shaker, add a teaspoon of sugar, carefully prune some mint leaves and throw them in. Mojitos are an art you see, and I'm a Mojito artist. I begin my muddling. After the contents are sufficiently muddled it starts to go terribly awry. I like to mix a little Sprite instead of soda water. It keeps that whole lime thing going. At Vons they were out of Sprite because it was on sale. I bought some bullshit zero calorie Sprite because beggars can't be choosers. I go to open this 2 liter bottle & it starts to bubble over, and over and over. All over everything. No matter how long I waited and how I finessed the cap, it bubbled over. Finally, after subduing the unruly liquid I added the splash to my Mojito. Of course, I'm very aggravated now but I'm trying not to ruin my experience. I add ice and get the bright idea to shake the concoction because none of the ingredients were cold.

Obviously that was a big mistake. I shook the cocktail shaker and this upset the Sprite (which was quite mad already) and the pressure was too much for the shaker. It exploded all over me. Lime wedges, mint leaves and liquor sprayed like shrapnel thru the air. I took the brunt of the blast. I'm quite sticky now and have decided that a glass of red wine and a bath will suffice.

Bachlorettedom is not as exciting as it was 10 or 20 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, I know what the problem was...everyone knows you can't start your weekend drinking until THURSDAY night!