Saturday, January 14, 2006

Possessed or Obsessed?

Last night as I stood in front of the door with my house keys, I felt something strange. I felt someone had been there. I actually pushed the door before unlocking it to ensure it wasn't ajar or broken. It was intact and I unlocked it. As I proceeded over the threshold to unarm the house I felt like I was not alone. Someone was in the house. I remembered that our alarm will indicate if it has gone off while we were gone, so I unarmed the house but it was silent. No triggers while we were out. I kept my strange sensations to myself as I quickly searched the house. One doesn't like to look a fool you know. Since all seemed well I dismissed the feelings.

Sometime in the beginnings of my night of what should be nice, calm sleep, I awoke with a scream in my mouth. The dream began with us in bed. Dena was having a nightmare. I tried to wake her but she would not. I pinched her, she still writhed in her sleep, obviously in a state of distress. Her face contorted into a silent, open mouthed scream and she mouthed "help me". I bit her, hard. She awoke and something escaped from her mouth. I screamed.
At this point I actually awoke with my heart racing and I was scared to death. Dena also awoke and tried to tell me to think good thoughts and go back to sleep. I was skeptical but thought of Hawaii as I always do when told to think good thoughts.

The next dream was the possession of Ipod's. All Ipod's are possessed and Apple is an evil company out to take over the minds of all that listen to it. I felt that since I often only listen in the car and not thru headphones I was relatively immune since most of the evil spurge was coming thru the headphones. But alas I was becoming possessed anyways. I was aware of it and tried to warn the world of its impending doom but no one would listen. I of course, awoke from this lovely dream that doesn't translate well into words. It was filled with terrifying visuals of evil emmanating from the headphone jack. I drifted back to sleep.

I awoke for the 3rd time with a terrible start, someone knocked 3 times with our door knocker on the front door. The knock was real. It was as loud and clear as if you knocked on my door now as I write this. I awoke scared to death. Now I'll confess that I have had this dream before. Not in a long time mind you, but I have. I also haven't had the feeling that someone was in our house for a long time. The last time that happened we put pictures of our fathers into the dining room and the presence left us. I felt our father's were guarding us. Since New Year's the fathers had been moved to the den to make room for the party. For some reason their protection only seems valid in the dining room. That's where this spirit emmanates from, I know it in my heart. The spirit is also not very nice.

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