Thursday, January 26, 2006


I've been cleaning out my stash of storage boxes full of what is supposed to be important information worth keeping. This weekend the neighborhood association is bringing a huge dumpster and shredding company in. Everyone in our association can bring their junk and discard it or shred it. A great idea.

So I've been going thru things. Stuff I've discovered:

-- A rent dispute I had with a good friend of mine in 1989. We're not friends anymore. I think I was a bitch during that dispute. Probably 50% or more at fault during the exchange.
-- The Broadway department store doesn't exist anymore. I probably don't need to keep those statements.
-- I actually bought stuff from the Swiss Chalet mail order catalog.
-- In 1991 I was in 3 car accidents - 3/19, 4/22 and 5/19. Definitely a bad first half of that year.
-- I had a horrible run of renters for my condo. Thank goodness I listened to Dena & got a property management company.
-- The IRS and I don't see eye to eye.

The thought that comes to mind after digging thru 20 years of paper is:

"Sometimes these scars define our life, others are just evidence of missteps during the journey."

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