Saturday, January 08, 2005

How one event can change your life

The end of 2004 has spawned speculation and memories from me that I haven't had in awhile. Perhaps its because I'm another year older, perhaps not, but whatever the reason, I thought I'd share a little story with all of you to begin the year of blogging.

Years ago when I was young and drinking a big gulp for breakfast I used to stop faithfully every morning at my local 7-11. During that time a young black fellow was there each morning and he would clean my windshield. In return I'd buy him a pastry for breakfast. This went on for some time and we became good "acquaintances". Each morning I'd drive off and wonder why he was there & why was he homeless.

One day, I felt we'd known each other long enough that I could ask him. He said that he used to be a cable TV installer, had an apartment and a car and life was good. One night he went to a party and elected to drive home drunk. He was caught, lost his license which meant that the cable TV company fired him. Without a license, a job, and looming DUI fines he lost his apartment. You see, in Los Angeles, it almost imperative that to work you be able to drive as public transportation is not great. He eventually lost it all and then to put the nail in the coffin so to speak, he was diagnosed with HIV. With no medical insurance it developed quickly into aids and somewhere in that downward spiral is when I met him.

Eventually he disappeared from my 7-11 and I always wonder what has become of him. I fear the worst. So to all my faithful readers, friends, family and scrapbookers I wish you all a happy, healthy, thoughtful, and prosperous New Year. And remember, every day brings change and opportunity, seize the day and enjoy life.

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