Monday, January 31, 2005


  • - there won't be dirt in the house right after its cleaned.
  • - I might be able to sleep in without fear of some workman walking in on me
  • - I'll be able to pee in peace
  • - I can close the windows and doors all day long
  • - there won't be bugs flying around constantly cause all the doors and windows were off
  • - I won't have a hit list
  • - I can put away all the cartons of stuff we've moved from room to room
  • - I can put away my "contractors book of spanish"
  • - I can actually put things in my brand new medicine chests
  • - I'll be able to find my hairbrush, electric toothbrush & all the other things that have been misplaced over the last 8 months
  • - I won't have to make 10 design/color decisions a day
  • - there won't be some snafu to write about
  • - over the rainbow.......

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