Monday, August 30, 2004

Thoughts from Concorde, NC

What a miserable night. I'm in a Marriott SpringHill Suites across from Lowes Charlotte Nascar speedway on one side and the freeway on another. The freeway is brutal, noise all night long. I can't sleep, I'm miserable, this sucks. It was poring rain because of hurricane Gaston, but I wish it was still raining and really windy at this hour, because then I could probably not hear the road noise and sleep. I should have known better than to stay at Springhill suites because of my last experience with them in Seattle. OMG! There was some French circus in town, I guess wannabe Circque de soleil people, but they were up all night partying in the hallways, smoking, because they are French, and drinking, because they are Canadian and otherwise driving me crazy. This is NOT a hotel for business travelers.

I forgot to give credit where credit was due in the last post -- our custom vanity was made by woodworker Stephen Courtney - The man is brilliant and I respect his work. I would love it if I could just apprentice under him, imagine..... that would be so cool.

This weekend I spent cleaning off my favorite scrapbooking store's computer of viruses. They will remain nameless to protect them.....hehe. But seriously folks, NEVER, EVER let your virus software expire. When the little box comes up and says renew, its in your best interest. Trust me. They had a plethora of viruses but 2 of them were very, very clever. The virus they had was trojan mitglieder strain N and can be seen for all its glory @ this trojan horse is particularly interesting because it self preserves, it protects itself. If you load any antivirus software, after you are infected, it prevents that software from running after you load it. Very, very clever. Check out the link as it tells you all the programs that it prevents from running. It also uses your machine as an email relay. Also bad.

I watched some of the closing ceremonies of the olympics, very dull. I think its only meaningful for people that are there. It probably doesn't have the same impact on TV as it would in person. Bye for now,

Trying to sleep in North Carolina

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