Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Behold our custom made vanity. Nothing is ordered from Home Depot from us by God!!! Everything is custom here in this house! Our new bathroom is very small but has a BIG presence, aka the tub. I should name the tub something.... hmmmm I'll think about that. Well the pic above is our custom vanity, with no door pulls (they are NOT called knobs!) and no stain yet. That's another process you know, picking the bloody color stain! The vanity is made from Quarter sawn white oak. Can you imagine the price of that wood! I don't have to imagine it! btw, the door pulls take 4 weeks to come in because each order (a big order of 2) is custom cast. you know what that means right! Big bucks!

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Freddy said...

just surfing and saw your site. our bathroom over here in england cost £6000 about 7-8000 dollars and it ain't as special as yours.