Wednesday, August 25, 2004

First blog -- remodel update

Well, here's my first blog!
This page is dedicated to my scary thoughts on life, our remodel, my/our travels, things that piss me off and whatever else I feel like talking about. Welcome, read at your own risk.

This first post is about our remodel. Talk about a frustrating experience this process has been. We are adding a bathroom and fixing the leaks in another (shower). Sounds easy, right? No way! The original bathroom is 1924 tile imported from England and is wainscotted all over the entire room. So, we looked and looked and settled on a color match tile place called Mission Tile West. We went over to mission tile west today to haggle about the color match samples we received. We ordered these on 6/30 and today is 9/24 -- we'll never shower again. Can you smell us? Well I went in looking for a fight. The blue does NOT match the original blue by any stretch of the imagination. After much talking I managed to come up with a solution I think I can live with. This will only cost about $4,000.00. Hey, we'll just pick some more money off the tree.

Below I've posted a few pictures of the recent progress, or lack thereof:

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