Saturday, November 23, 2013

Geocaching and Poison Oak

I had a chance to go out Geocaching today with the Geo Dog.  We were up in Franklin Canyon, an area I'd never been to before.  I was going for a newly published geo cache as the FTF (First to Find).  Not that it's a competition or anything, and not that I'm competitive, but you know....I had to do it!  Fortunately we were first to find and bonus - the cache was highlighting the unofficial geographic center of Los Angeles. 
  After that I couldn't resist picking up a few others in the neighborhood.  The last one I got was in a wooded area and shaded.  Geppetto and I went tromping around and came up with the cache without too much trouble.  We got home and I got on the computer to log the caches.  I had a few pictures I wanted to share.  I by chance decided to read the previous logs from the shady wooded cache (GoldenMonkey).  I was shocked at my stupidity.  I usually read the logs before but I was confident I could find it without any issues.  Every log said "be careful of the poison oak, it is everywhere".  I quickly got on google to see what it looked like.  I'm sorry to say I walked over and through all of it! 
Geppetto promptly went into the bath tub after I stripped off all my clothes.  I am highly allergic to poison oak, ivy et al.  I gave him a big old hug in the car on the way home.  I'm probably screwed.



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