Monday, June 03, 2013

Geocaching with the Family in Canada

What a fun, fun afternoon we had yesterday.  I introduced my family and especially the kids to the world wide treasure hunt game called geocaching.  Geocaching in Edmonton is very different than in Los Angeles. With the incredible amount of greenspace in the city every cache we found was an adventure and unique.  The first cache we found was no more than a couple blocks from my sister's house but it might as well have been in the forest. The first picture is of that first cache.  It was hidden in a fake birdhouse.  I wonder if the birds get faked out too? 

Each cache we found had a large number of kid friendly goodies in it and we left a Los Angeles souvenir in each as we went.  Here's a picture of Sienna who is holding the GPS to cache #3 - as you can see, she is highly focused and was very good at it.

Cache #4 was a small micro and I was worried it would be hard to find.  I let the kids run with the GPS while I used my geo senses to track it.  I discovered it but let them make the find.  It was a toughie but Sienna made the grab.  As you can see by the picture it is a fake bolt.  The trick is in looking for things that are not normal.  None of the other 6x6 posts had a bolt in it - so, different...Clever hide for sure.

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Krystal said...

Great pictures happy you have introduced us to treasure hunting, new age!