Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kitchen Remodel - Making Do

This is how we're living now. Doing dishes in the bathtub, we have one burner in that old PureAire 1943 unit in the guest house that we can reach. The washer and dryer are blocking most access to that unit. As you can see, Dena is holding breakfast over the washer. The other picture is our old Kenmore fridge, still surviving, despite it's new home in the dining room. The birds, pantry and prep area are all in the dining room now.

1 comment:

Irma said...

Amazing the places we find to eat!!
Prepare food and wash dishes!!
Electrical decisions??!! Had my own
electrical nightmare redo yester-day in the kitchen -- casualty - need a new microwave!! Now have all new electrical panel outside and kitchen rewired. Coosst?? - Don't ask. How time flys - 4 weeks!