Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kitchen Remodel - Day 1

Today we finally, after 5 trips to granite yards (or was it 6?) we picked our granite. This turned out to be quite a difficult task where at first we picked something called Rainforest Amazon and that turned out to be marble. Marble is no good for kitchen counters, it's too porous. Live and learn. We discovered a granite that was like our amazon (green with brown and white quartz veins) and it was called Verde Borgonha. But, we dragged our feet to think on it a little more and all the slabs we knew were around at a couple yards were now spoken for. Even if you find something you like, you have to pick the actual slabs as it could be slightly lighter or darker or whatever depending on the cut.

Today we ran out to Walker Zanger's slab yard in Sun Valley where it's so hot the rubber on your shoes starts to stick to the pavement. They had some but it was on hold by some San Franisco designer that had Verde Borgonha on hold at every yard he could find. Nice. But money talks and bullshit walks and it was ours!

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