Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Room Full of Dummies

Last night I attended a CPR/First Aid training at my work. I thought this was an amusing sight, all these dummies on the floor. What did I learn? Compressions have to be fast, after 2 minutes of compressions I was quite tired. And what I have been preaching for some time was re-enforced, it is always better to have a land line at home and if you are calling 911, try to call from a landline. Why? If you dial 911 from your cell phone you are reaching the California Highway Patrol (or the highway patrol in your state). If you are not on the highway then they must transfer you to the local 911 call center. This takes time. Also, there is no address automatically associated with cell phones, all that information must be communicated to the dispatcher. If you call from a landline or even a pay phone, the address is automatically populated for the dispatcher. If you are choking or cannot speak, this could save your life.

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