Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Shocking Message

At home this evening there was a message on the answering machine from Costco. Odd? Costco calling me? The message was regarding a recall for Zone Perfect bars. I just bought some from Costco last weekend. I have one every morning at 6:30 am. It was quite shocking to me that a) they knew that I bought some and b) they knew my home phone number to call me and tell me that.

So, let's preface this whole conversation with the news of the day that applies to this story. There is a problem with peanut paste causing salmonella. People have died, it's nothing to joke about. That's what the CDC says anyways. It's been traced to The Peanut Corporation (what an original name) and they make peanut paste. Peanut paste is in everything except peanut butter. Odd.

Zone Perfect bars and tons of other items (125 and counting), have peanut paste from the company in question in them. This peanut paste was somehow contaminated at their Georgia plant with Salmonella. This is nothing to joke about and is quite serious. Not to be too graphic here but yesterday all of a sudden, without warning, I got diarrhea. This sort of explains the whole thing.

And back to the 2nd item that is freaking me out. How did Costco get my phone #? Our home phone is listed under Dena's name and the Costco membership is under mine. How did they know I bought Zone bars? I suppose I'm foolish enough or have my head stuck in the sand far enough to think that no one is keeping track of what I'm buying. Well, here is proof that someone is, and frankly they always are, keeping track of what you are buying, when you are buying it, where you live, and the privacy violations go on and on and on....
I think I'll stick my head back in the sand, but before I do....

Do you have items in your pantry that have this peanut paste in it? I'm sure you do.
Check out these links:

The Peanut Corporation official website
USA today info article
Costco Zone Perfect Letter
Recalls - just go to the Costco website and type the word recall into the search bar. I was stunned at the quantity of results.


Anonymous said...

Such a delicate flower.

Anonymous said...

So all along you didn't think
"Big Brother" was watching? hehe!!
Good thing I only like peanut
butter out of a jar. Don't care
for it in candies,etc. Sorry you got sick.