Tuesday, January 13, 2009

House Hunting Update

This weekend we decided to try something different regarding the whole house hunting adventure. We decided to expand our area of interest and we looked in the Venice Beach area. An interesting group of houses were carefully chosen by Dena all around our price and all "reduced" which is the norm nowadays.

As we drove around and stopped in to look we noticed some things that we have never really paid attention to about Venice. It is very dense. Much more densely packed and populated than where we live. Most houses have no yards, the houses are much more expensive due to their proximity to the beach and no one has a garage to speak of. If there was a garage it's long been converted to a "single" where usually some surfer bum lives. The houses are on the smaller size and you get less for your $. Venice also comes with an eclectic set of neighbors. You could have section 8 living next door or a 6 figure attorney with a surfing habit.

We realized that Venice wasn't our cup of tea and quickly drove out of the neighborhood. It's good for showing tourists around, good for brunch and great for a walk with a view, but not to live in.

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