Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's Starting.....

I have a big announcement to make. We've done it my faithful readers. Dena and I have put down a deposit and retained a kitchen designer. Finally. This is probably step 5 out of about 100 in getting the kitchen re-done, maybe 1,000 steps. I'm actually quite excited. We decided on Bradco Kitchens, an outfit not too far from our house. We interviewed many designers and had such a great warm, fuzzy feeling with this one we felt we could finally move forward.

It's amazing how hiring a kitchen designer can open your eyes to the possibilities in your kitchen, make your life easier now and for all your remaining cooking years. I'm scared, yet happy to report that we'll be demolishing 3 walls. Yes, three walls. She'll be out to measure Wednesday night and hopefully in a week or so I'll have a sketch to post up here on the blog, so stay tuned.

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Marc Block said...

Oh the joys of toaster ovens & microwaves. Soon you'll relish the fun of hunkering over a bath-tub to do dishes.
Some helpful hints -
Avoid dark granite if you currently have ants. You'll just be paranoid all the time.
Invest in undercabinet lighting on a dimmer. you'll think you've gone to heaven.
Corner sink waste so much under cabinet space.
Seriously look at who cooks & their needs. If your short or tall, She who is in there the most - wins, no buts about it!
My best trick to date - 6 inches of wasted space, next to a refrig can store nearly 2 cases of wine!
The Amazing Marc