Thursday, October 04, 2007

DisneyLand Day 2

19,800 steps on my pedometer later (for one day) and Disneyland is done. Wow. That's a lot of steps. Disneyland has a theme this year, "a million dreams". Well, Grace's dreams certainly came true on this trip with a 100% success rate in seeing princesses and a pretty much 90% success rate in meeting them. The only princess she didn't personally meet at least once was Tinkerbell but I don't think Tink really attends any events per se. She's like a night princess I think. However, during the parade, Tinkerbell was high up on her float waving to everyone with her wand and Grace was waving her little Tinkerbell stuffed doll up at her, Tinkerbell saw Grace, smiled, waved and put her hands over her mouth in a true "pleased" princess posed. Grace was thrilled. We're all dog tired but had a great time with even the adults getting on some rides. The haunted mansion was decked out for "Nightmare before Christmas" and it was awesome! I've never seen it in that state. Bye for now

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