Monday, December 06, 2004

what remains?

Some of you may be thinking, wow, they have a sink and toilet, soon to be tub, what could be left? Well, jeesh, maybe the other bathroom. The one with the shower in it. So our modernistic new bathroom is so close I can feel the 32" deep tub with the lovely airbath now on my tootsies, but alas, it has no shower. I had a shower on July 6th. This year mind you, one must look at the bright side of things. But today is December 6th you see and that adds up to 5 months. That's way too long to be happy about showering at the gym. Do you know the disgusting things that float in the clogged up bottoms of the gym shower? Well I won't go into it. The only saving grace to this whole mess is that Muscle Under where I go on Tuesday's and Thursday's have beautiful showers that no one uses.

New bathroom punch list:

  1. -- install toilet paper holder
  2. -- grout remaining little areas around window and moulding - 12/11/04
  3. -- install bathtub fixtures for the 30th time - done 12/11/04
  4. -- fix cold/hot flex pipe cross causing backflow of cold water to other fixtures
  5. -- install handles or door pulls as some people call them on vanity
  6. -- install heating vent cover
  7. -- install threshold
  8. -- fix white grout areas
  9. -- cut access panels under house for future maintenance access - 12/11/04

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