Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Apple Theory

The "Wall Street" pundits just piss me off.  Today those pundits are complaining that Apple didn't make enough iPhone 5s's to meet sales demands over the weekend. This will, of course, cause Apple's stock to dive.  The comment from USA Today  "In particular, analysts were looking for signs that the more-expensive iPhone 5s sold out quickly — a possible sign that Apple had trouble making enough of the devices to meet initial demand."  Now that's just ridiculous.  If Apple hadn't sold out then the stock would dive because Apple didn't sell out so there must not be enough demand.  It's a lose lose situation for Apple and the pundits.  Whether Apple made 2 million or 20 million iPhones for this release they would be complaining about something.   It seems that people hate a winner.  Especially a winner that is from a liberal "march to your own drummer" kind of philosophy. 

Let's look at a few things here - first, the iPhone 5s in gold sold out first.  Why?  Well, in a lot of countries gold is a symbol of prosperity and wealth.  If you have something Gold then you are the cat's meow. I had someone tell me Thursday that if I could get the money and buy as many Gold iPhone 5s's possible then they could be sold in Arab countries for 3x the price.  Did Apple make less of the Gold iPhone?  Wouldn't that have been clever to make less of that model in order to drive demand?  That's called smart marketing people.

But enough about the iPhone 5s & 5c.  This latest Apple bashing spree started on the launch date of those two phones but the problem really began much before that.  In my opinion it a chapter of it started on the launch of iOS 7 during the Apple Developers conference.  I guess that's where I have my greatest complaint of Tim Cook (Apple CEO).  iOS 7 is vital to the iPhone 5s and is part and parcel to it's innovativeness.  One could argue that iOS 7 IS the iPhone 5s.  Tim Cook et al should have kept iOS 7 under wraps and told developers about it on the sly then made a big deal about it during the iPhone 5s launch.  I think this would have had more impact on technically challenged people who are wondering why the 5s is so innovative.

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