Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Remodel - the Tile Incident

My contractor had made some deal with the granite fabricator to do the kitchen backsplash tile in the guest house.  I received a call asking about our tile for the backsplash and it came out that the tile guy was only going to put one row of tile up.  Backsplashes don't have one 4" row of tile - they usually go up 1/2 to the cabinets or all the way up.  I raced home from work as Dena was out and laid out a pattern for the guy.  He seemed dazed and confused but I went to lunch with full knowledge that I would be back to check on the guy.  While at lunch I received a call from my contractor telling me that he fired the tile guy and not to go in the back house.  He said that his tile guy was going to re-do the backsplash.  How could I not go into the back house now?

Here is a picture of the shitty ass job that was done first - notice how he's using cardboard for spacers and how the space between the tiles is all over the place.  Also, it's hard to see in the picture but he was putting thinset on just the middle of the tile instead of all over the entire field.  This caused the tiles to bow inward at the corners since there was no thinset there as there was an uneven field.  Good thing the idiot wasn't there when I got back as I would have ripped his face off.  The 2nd picture is Dena and I standing in the completed kitchen with a nice, professionally done backsplash.

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