Friday, March 09, 2012

Back House Remodel 2

The contractor is making amazing progress.  It's only been a week and already 90% of the electrical is done, insulation is started, the new bathroom wall is framed and the windows that are going away are framed in.  Plumbing has started - a new drain has been put in for the kitchen but alas, as any old house there are issues.  A few foundation cracks but fortunately, not as bad as originally thought.  These can easily be fixed.  But the second issue is the gas line.  It's apparently been leaking for G-D knows how long. We've never used the gas line out there - it was run to the fireplace and the old kitchenette thing but we never used it.  I wonder how long we've been paying for gas that was just going up into the atmosphere.  So, I guess the yard will be dug up next week for a new 3/4" water line and gas line from the main house to the back house.  Here's a few pictures for you.  One is of the new kitchen - that is the top picture, the bottom picture is the new bathroom and main area.  The new bathroom is bigger.

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