Monday, July 12, 2010

Old Age - The Eyesight

I am constantly reminded of my age lately. It's getting quite annoying. Over the past 18 months or so my close eyesight has been failing me. It started with the directions on the back of pill bottles, progressed to menus in dark restaurants and has recently hit a new low with any form of reading in almost any light. I'm thinking of having Dena make me a cool chain to hang my glasses around my neck. Can glasses chains even be cool?

I've been in restaurants with my mom and she'll ask me what looks good and then says that she'll have that. I eventually figured out that she had forgotten her glasses and couldn't read the menu but now I have a new understanding and empathy. It's depressing and debilitating. Am I going to have to start carrying a purse or something? Maybe I could get away with a small messenger bag? I seem to have lots to carry the older I get. Reading glasses, Carmex, eye drops, cell phone, keys..... I only have so many pockets and the older I get the less I can do without any of these things.
Mom, I love you but bilberry isn't going to bring my eyesight back. I know you think it does but it doesn't. Maybe it helps eye fatigue, I'll give you that. Oh and mom, I appreciate all you've given me, my young looking skin, my small bladder, my thin esophagus, but you could have left off the poor eyesight gene.

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Anonymous said...

Oh - I know so well. I have 11 sets of reading glasses. I try to keep a pair in every room in the house (and car), but alas, they all end up tucked in my shirt collar and eventually my bathroom counter. The other day I had a Maggoo moment - I had to use the TV remote & didn't have my glasses handy - why must these devices have 54 small tiny buttons? Suffice to say my tv is now stuck with the captions on - in french no less, until I bring a pair of glasses down from the bathroom to fix it.

Bad eye sight & a tiny bladder? Good luck toots.