Friday, January 29, 2010

It's the Little Things

Often it's the little things that affect our moods, or at least that affect mine. The examples can be endless.

This morning I could not find my keys. I'm a very organized person and I put my keys in the same place each night. I find that consistency is the precursor to organization. I was getting more and more upset as I turned the house upside down looking for them. I was mad at myself for obviously absentmindedly setting them somewhere and I was starting to wonder about my sanity. Finally, in frustration I grabbed my spare set and drove off.

When I arrived at work and started to come out of the elevator some woman just about ran me over in the elevator door. She wanted to go down and I wasn't even out of the elevator yet! This is one of my pet peeves, I hate it when people jump in elevators that aren't empty yet. I find it very rude. 25 steps later I open the lobby doors and some other inconsiderate woman jumps through my open door. Rude! It's one thing if I open it and allow you to go through out of courtesy, it's quite another for someone to bump me aside and squeeze through my door.

By the time I got up into our suite I was in a foul mood and cursing humanity, Los Angeles and its inconsideate population. It was the little things that ruined it for me. 30 minutes later Dena called me and told me she found my keys. They were sitting on top of my tupperware container in the fridge containing my mango so I wouldn't forget to take it to work. That worked out well. We both laughed at the irony and my day turned around.

Practice random acts of kindness today. You never know whose mood you will positively affect! Just because we live in this hectic, self-centered world shouldn't mean that we cannot be considerate to each other.

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