Saturday, August 23, 2008

By My Bed.....

used to be my handheld football "video" game, a glass of water, an Archie comic book and an alarm clock with a little and big hand. That was a long time ago. As I grew up those things on the nightstand by my bed (and under it...) have changed. Today there are eye drops, a digital alarm clock, moisturizing creme, my Carmex, the book "Eat, Pray, Love" and a bottle of sleeping pills.

Eye drops -- laser eye surgery and dry eye sometimes at night
Alarm clock -- it has a temperature read out, too, so when I feel like I'm on fire in the middle of the night I can consult the clock and see what the temperature is and curse the fact that we don't have air conditioning
Moisturizing creme -- I wake up at night and my feet are dry and hot. Weird...but true
Carmex -- can't sleep without my lips all nice and soft with Carmex
sleeping pills -- well, frankly, I live in the USA where you are go, go, go and never relax
Eat, Pray, Love -- see above. I am searching for balance.

What's beside your bed?


Anonymous said...

On my nightstand, I have a lamp, a candle, and a framed photo of me as a little girl. I also have the fan remote control (for my hot flashes) and whatever book I'm reading at the moment (right now it's Three Cups of Tea). That's it. Boring eh?

Kelly L.

Anonymous said...

By my bed I have a lamp, digital clock set half an hour ahead so I dont have to get up so early (dont ask its a mind game),ear plugs and a stack of books I m going to get round to reading one day... ...Eat,Pray,Love....not as enlightening as I thought....couldnt get past the depression part.....oh yeah there is also a little box with some really magic stuff in it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to play! On my nightstand - I have a lamp, a digital clock that plays wind chimes for an alarm, the book The Seat of My Soul, my bible, the book The Secret...which I never did get through, a bottle or two of water, calcium pills, and a baby monitor...which after five plus years of being there, I cannot seem to get rid of because it will mean my babies are growing up.