Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2000 Graves

Not sure if any of you noticed or heard, but on Santa Monica beach to raise awareness of the 2000th US Soldier dying in the Iraq war or conflict or invasion... these graves were set up on the beach. It was a sobering site to be sure. Some crosses had names on them and how/when that soldier died. I wanted to take a picture and continue in my small way to pass that awareness along.
The "fresh" looking graves near the front of the picture are just that - new deaths over the 2000 that died while the memorial was up.

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tracie said...

I have two comments boxes open so I am hoping this is the right one for this blog.

that photos is so dramatic. I love that is placed in a highly public area so that everyone can see it and be as shocked as I was.

I hope that this conflict ends soon. There has been too many deaths.