Monday, March 07, 2005


Perhaps living in Los Angeles, a stone's throw from the beach, Hollywood and other famous spots makes you jaded. Yesterday we decided to take our niece and nephew to see The Pacifier (a rental for sure) and the most convenient spot and showtime was at the El Capitan on Hollywood Blvd. This is an amazing venue from the old Hollywood days with gorgeous ceilings and plaster reliefs. This theatre is across from the Grauman's Chinese, another Hollywood landmark and the new Kodak Theatre center, the site of the recent Oscar's.

After purchasing tickets we had an hour to kill in this area before the show - and I'm thinking what the hell are we going to do on Hollywood Blvd with all these bloody tourists! As I glanced across the street I could see the Hollywood sign perfectly framed by the walkways in the Kodak center. What a beautiful site. Not to mention the history and awe attached to the view in general. Then I glanced down at the stars on the boulevard. We had to explain to Jack & Ruby that these people were not necessarily dead and that they certainly weren't buried beneath the star. They were unaware of the significance of the whole thing. We spent the next little while educating the kids on the history and putting our feet in the footprints at the Grauman's Chinese. Some of it was lost on the kids but not on me. I will endeavor not to take such things for granted.

We are fortunate to live in a city with such history, stories to tell, things to do, and year round beauty to behold. We should never take for granted what we have in life. You never know when it may be taken away.
Seize every opportunity and live each day with wonder in your eyes!

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